Sunday, January 12, 2014

Conquer our commute on wcbs9

cbs is one of my family's two least favorite commercial networks in the usa and the english speaking world- but I have to commend the dc cbs campaign of let us citizens value which local transport system do good and bad jobs. Washington dc metro is one of the least customer valuable metros I have ever come across - un like older metros (or less financed ones) it has no excuse on age or on exorbotant fares it charges (in the top 10 per cent of an metro)- it is badly designed in tersm of track maintenance (cf new yprk); in terms of lousy carriages which break down; in terms of service cf tokyo; in terms of uneconomkical escalators; in terms of ruining citizens weekends; ZI do hope cbs news improves it help us change media (and organisational purposes) before nov 2015 when millions of youth coverge on valuing job creating networks

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