Sunday, February 1, 2015

think about empires- know your enemies whowant to knock you down- expensive ad game of war tommorowland film internet address amfeedbackcom absolute muddle linked to bmw car im3 (really)
amy purdy (who) what a long boring ad for camry free to file your tqxes turbotax - jokey but wo wants it
The Park spielberg ok films need to be all awarness chevy colorado what would you if if you tv went out -dreadully lazy ad esurance for modern world tedious but maybe all state cant afford all state when it has esurance
Are you ready for the least economic ads ever? 2015 is supposed to be year of sustainability- how can that be with such costly platforms as superbowl dishes up? Poor ole walter payton, nhl's year of change -wifebeaters, ball deflategate , ... college football cultures like van der bilt- its all the most expensive way to rip off youth's need for heroes tat do real good - dont you feel/