Friday, June 3, 2016

john there is a pretty simple idea but it scales scarily bigger and bigger- 
and what else countering trump's adminitration of 2017-2024 can suffice given the big brother collapse of humanity we are accelearting past irreversible tipping points

finding 9 dream-action collab partners of future of youth -in a world of over-governmment (now spinning exact opposite of 1776 entreprenurial peoples happineess and freedom) only brac in this world has 100000 bottom-up co-workers on youth leadership-  we have more than enough data on who to approach and in what order -in fact mostofa has spent 10 years on that; and yuxuan is arguably 5 years ahead of any of us in open education worlds being an alumni of beijings top university as well as wise education laureates summit - she can reach

convincing these 9 partners that global youth bottom up open youth directed is the 10th partner they all need may still be a hard pitch
ways to make this easier for amy to be the pitcher of under 25s :

celebrate portfolio of her 10- second ads on good news action networks youth can join - king and emeral tv in dc will start piloting her next week 

there are your ideas and ian ryders or anyone else who still believes global media professionals can sustain youth and multiply goodwill

there are some tricky things like needing a global youh currency that is at least 10 times larger than any nationally externalising currecncy - this is where glasgow uni adam smith alumni nov 20 need people like soros (who dad used to discuss this idea with) and his best friends sir fazle abed and  jim kim and whomever is pope francis global business school connector huddling- anyhow that's fall's main challenge; right now its whatever you and amy can help the rest of amys friends visualise thar we're missing

there is her youth freindships diary in a year when every government has been using fear of refugees and isis to narrow down true youth exchnage opportunities--indeed japans number 1 youth exhanges foundation (amys first leadership friend outside china) has had to close its doors in this climate

bottom line: amy's space - nobody will find as motivated a 23 year old chinese explorer who has in one year been in and out of the UN on many occasions, briadways only smart movie stiudio,  the top of the organisation of american states, pitching competitions at berkeley, womens empowerment summits at san diego, in and out of mit, interning on cable tv channels, linking in conscious capital youth ,  being the founder's of open spaces favorite of her generation and so on- separately these pieces arent worth anything in the old jobs worth world -what their valuation of youth can be through connecting waves of at least 50000 new youth alumni each year are huge, and unique aroumd the world of the enxt 3 billion jobs - renewing planet, renewing every community's  family and actiove-society, super apps that leapfrog industrial age  infrsatructire divides

thanks chris macrae

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