Tuesday, November 22, 2016

what makes the greatest education summit you have ever participated

I have been lucky to attend a few great ones including this on 18 september but todays was best yet
thank you beijing for showing the courage to have CCTV moderate your education summit - i cant imagine any american or british media up to that job of valuing youth

thanks you UAE for taking educatiuon laureate summits to this new level and inaugurating search for 21st C education around sir fazle abed value of learning a living - great to see this book has now been traslated into chiense

here's the program; I wish there had been 5 me to go beyond the plenary

but i was lucky- i chose shannon may's workshop in the morning - she remeinded me of every favorite teacher i have ever heard a child describe- how lucky the world of schools for parents living on under 2 dollars a day are to linkin shannon as their servant leader; and how amazing shannons still young orbit as a teacher has been from china to boston to africa

thank you intel and www.yazmi.com for providing me with the trachel world possible gadget to show off

thanks you for the afternoon learners voice program - touching that newly graduate students top 2 quests are refugee integration and taking children out of classroom to observe what people do at work in a a place's proudest industries and services

thanks you to scarlett september and amy for guiding me round 4 education quests to beijing -there is something unique about china's quarterbilliongirls who have mainly grown up in state prescribed one child families - they carry the future of the whole family tree on their shoulders- a task that chinese culture takes so much to heart

thanks for summiting out of neijing's entrepreneurial quarter- always my favorite open space to be ; thank you top the ali baba foundation for being one of the summit sponsors- brings continuity to the secoind greatest summit in my experience www.educationcommission.org NY UN 18 september

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Co-covenors : Norway’s PM Erna Solberg,  Chile’s Michelle Bachelet Indonesia’s Joko Widodo,  Malawi’s Peter Mutharika, UNESCO Irina Bokova  acceptance by Ban Ki-Moon

Commissioners Gordon Brown (chair, scotland);  Jim KimJack Ma (China),  Gracia Machel (S Africa), Amartya Sen,

Ananat Agarwal, Jose Manuel Barroso, Felipe Calderon (Mexico), Kristin Clemet (Norway), Aliko Dangote (Nigeria), Julia Gilard, Bael Raza Jamil (Pakistan), Amel Karboul (Tunisia), Jakaya Kikwete (tanzania), Yuriko Koike (Japan), Anthony Lake (UNICEF), Ju-Ho Lee (South Korea),  Strive Masiyowa Zimbabwe telecom billionnaire,  Teopisyta Biriungi Mayanja (S Korea), Shakira Mebarak Superstar singer from Colombia, Patricio Meller (Chile),  Ngozi Oko0nzo-Iweala (Nigeria), Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi (United Arab Emirates),  Kailash Satyarthi (india),  Theo Sowa (African Women Development), Lawrence Summers, Helle Thorning Schmidt (SAve The Children International)

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