what if youth20s could save us from G8-30s: whats new is map around G8Japan :
Far-East 9 from 1960 democrativ potential of far east coastline down to singpaoe; 10 Far east archipalegos & soyth pacigic; 14 Far south : nz oz s.africa; arfentina chile antartica;
15 africa ynuted?
16 s. ameruica ybuted, 17 mexuco & central am ybuted; 18 quarter of nations- small islands
19 Far north sea : netherlands nordica scotlanf, 20 arctic circle .
Thanks to the gifts of von neumann -as realised by moore's law: we are now trillion times more interconnected than when John F Kennedy first called for interdependence mapping -this means the more that big corporations and big governments fail to trilliondollaraudit sustainable global markets biggest risks the more we the parents and teachers must support the younger half of the world in just doing it. Which countries are now most at tisk of famine in 2020s- lets make sure questions like that are included in cop26, (galsgow) cop27 (egyp)... G20.21 Italy, G20.22 Indonesia... as well as everywhere teachers love kids futures ....
Chinese Capitalism born 1976
1976 Wave 1 only companies permitted inward investors from China Diaspora
1989-92 Wave 2 companies to be led by trusted party
members asked to privatise state owned assets
1994 Jack Ma sees worldwide web in usa; starts debate on how www
Can be used to devcleop jobs- 3 big internet companies ali baba ,
Baidu, ten cent permitted as wave 3 from 1999
2008 Wave 4 with web and smart mobile, china evolves
some of most extra smartups .. cctv breaking news CCTV Presidents Xi Jinping and Trump
agree to meet as early as possible diary pick: Global Education & Skills Forum | Programme

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Go to frontline - Generation Like
  1. Gizmodo ‎- 1 day ago
    The most shocking part of "Generation Like," PBS's new Frontlinedocumentary about youth media culture, occurs when a bunch of teenagers ...
workout for yourself the most valueless brands ever
makers of oreos and trident; pepsi; ford
any client of the audience;  anyone assocaited with the hunger games

if you believe media can still improve the human lot join us at www.worldclassbrands.tv  started by The Economist 1989

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    'Frontline: Generation Like': 'Selling out' foreign concept to kids today
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  • Sunday, February 2, 2014

    Ford Nearly Double What news - ford fusion doubles energy efficiency compared to average car driven in usa. I doubt whether the message got through in doubling ads - 30 second then 60 second. Maybe where ad agencies chat they will talk about this for ever. How this message will be sustained with the public is not yet known. The only great idea is to try and own the hashtag #nearlydouble. Maybe ford has some follow up campaign that will try and do this but if so there was a much more effective way to launch #nearlydouble so that billions of youth celebrate the future of that mission
    this was once my street it is time to turn street light back on alex and ani made in america incomprehensible
    pepsi cole palys the sights of ny as if they are band instruments cool enough worth the 15 seconds
    are youn amnog the resless any- each tick of old clock tat stilness is waht kil us reslesnes starts with an itch and ends in boldness dare you drive a jerokee jeep another brand that believs it is so gamous that it only needs to sign off
    xfinity x1 from startrek -quite passee
    toyota meets broken down bus - muppets take over his car - the highlander boring or does kid pester power work for buying suvs
    the house that rocks nonos wi fi system not enough branding does anyone know waht sonos is, weher to find it?
    oh beautiful .. multilangua - america america america is beuatiful - coke is oh so passe
    incomprehensible m&m ad- was that really the point?
    carmax applause starts here good ad - but worthy of sueperbowl ractes?
    wonderful pistachio oh no not another brand doing double ads at elast this one ended with a surprsise
    everytime a vw host 100000 mies avw engineer gets his wings yeah dad and everytime it hits 200000 miles very economical - hope to see the punch line develop
    Tim Tebo here everyone thinks i want a contarct actually lok what I have done this year -shots of tebo saving the wolrd conttracts are limite - we''ll but you out - tmobile about as good a use as a 3rd rank plate in mobile can do if it realy neds a superstar ad now tim tebo as a continuing spokesman - lets hope there is a fillow up internet campaign
    bud light how col can blue be -coler than cold - cool twist- what?
    oh oh oh auto and home insurance bundled by that's progressive well its a long running capaign but this wont prolg the vintage
    another ad with no brand to the end dont you only comprehend evert 3rd word of tus wailing ad for chevy and cancer utter wate of air space
    radio shacj the 80s called they want their store back come see whats possiblke when we do things together ads ok - but reputation of the store isnt likely to cause people to run to this invitation and is there really a market for ole people's tech?
    a family has - daddy and mummy a ndme? and baby brother and a puuy - love cheeriosn huh
    how many ads of pop entering your daily life through barnd x dos superbowl have to drwon us- eecutions which show brand i last second are valueless - of course this would be from one of the least economic bans in the orld, b of america (download a contribution to red -greenwashing's ultimate brand?)
    beat music plan 14.99 from att utterly forgetablo star vehicle -is she really going to spokeswoamn this
    oh my god maserati worst ad in the world of kid telling a 60 second story with your logo in last second?
    bud light - consistent execution perfect ad for guy who sdesont know he's in aupernowl ad?
    lily lama and stars - bud light stupidity - defeqating arnie in sudent death ping pong part
    hey mr smith - dorito ad on time machines run by dorito -well if doritos depend on children pester power may be this is effective but it doesnt say much for the future of the product for the bold -huh
    today's a national holiday - for seatlle. denver maybe? for rest f us 4 hours like going to a prom and seeing your girlfriend with another ma - and having to hear 4 hoyrs of his vital statistcs - turbo tax -comoletely forgettable imo

    Sunday, January 12, 2014

    baseball sports - the most rotten doped of them all? see 60 minutes 12 january 2014 before hosting a debate! hard when you take other candidates like cycling?

    Conquer our commute on wcbs9

    cbs is one of my family's two least favorite commercial networks in the usa and the english speaking world- but I have to commend the dc cbs campaign of let us citizens value which local transport system do good and bad jobs. Washington dc metro is one of the least customer valuable metros I have ever come across - un like older metros (or less financed ones) it has no excuse on age or on exorbotant fares it charges (in the top 10 per cent of an metro)- it is badly designed in tersm of track maintenance (cf new yprk); in terms of lousy carriages which break down; in terms of service cf tokyo; in terms of uneconomkical escalators; in terms of ruining citizens weekends; ZI do hope cbs news improves it help us change media (and organisational purposes) before nov 2015 when millions of youth coverge on valuing job creating networks