what if youth20s could save us from G8-30s: whats new is map around G8Japan :
Far-East 9 from 1960 democrativ potential of far east coastline down to singpaoe; 10 Far east archipalegos & soyth pacigic; 14 Far south : nz oz s.africa; arfentina chile antartica;
15 africa ynuted?
16 s. ameruica ybuted, 17 mexuco & central am ybuted; 18 quarter of nations- small islands
19 Far north sea : netherlands nordica scotlanf, 20 arctic circle .
Thanks to the gifts of von neumann -as realised by moore's law: we are now trillion times more interconnected than when John F Kennedy first called for interdependence mapping -this means the more that big corporations and big governments fail to trilliondollaraudit sustainable global markets biggest risks the more we the parents and teachers must support the younger half of the world in just doing it. Which countries are now most at tisk of famine in 2020s- lets make sure questions like that are included in cop26, (galsgow) cop27 (egyp)... G20.21 Italy, G20.22 Indonesia... as well as everywhere teachers love kids futures ....
Chinese Capitalism born 1976
1976 Wave 1 only companies permitted inward investors from China Diaspora
1989-92 Wave 2 companies to be led by trusted party
members asked to privatise state owned assets
1994 Jack Ma sees worldwide web in usa; starts debate on how www
Can be used to devcleop jobs- 3 big internet companies ali baba ,
Baidu, ten cent permitted as wave 3 from 1999
2008 Wave 4 with web and smart mobile, china evolves
some of most extra smartups .. cctv breaking news CCTV Presidents Xi Jinping and Trump
agree to meet as early as possible diary pick: Global Education & Skills Forum | Programme

Sunday, February 1, 2015

think about empires- know your enemies whowant to knock you down- expensive ad game of war tommorowland film internet address amfeedbackcom absolute muddle linked to bmw car im3 (really)
amy purdy (who) what a long boring ad for camry free to file your tqxes turbotax - jokey but wo wants it
The Park spielberg ok films need to be all awarness chevy colorado what would you if if you tv went out -dreadully lazy ad esurance for modern world tedious but maybe all state cant afford all state when it has esurance
Are you ready for the least economic ads ever? 2015 is supposed to be year of sustainability- how can that be with such costly platforms as superbowl dishes up? Poor ole walter payton, nhl's year of change -wifebeaters, ball deflategate , ... college football cultures like van der bilt- its all the most expensive way to rip off youth's need for heroes tat do real good - dont you feel/